Identifying the Signs Your Car Exhaust is Leaking

A leaking exhaust is dangerous for a number of reasons. Not only could it cause other damage, exhaust fumes in the car are deadly. Here are a few signs of car exhaust issues.

If you are driving the car and you feel a vibration in the steering wheel, it could be an indication the exhaust system is rusting and coming free from the support system. If the vibration is now accompanied by a loss in engine power, get to our service center.

When the car engine cannot exhale properly, it will result in a reduction in gas mileage. The exhaust issue could be a failing muffler, damaged pipes, or severe rust blocking the flow of the air from the engine out to the back of your vehicle.

At the first sign of exhaust trouble, bring the car to Hiday Chrysler Dodge Jeep so we can get it up on the lift and identify the concern.

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