Tips for Effectively Using 4H or 4L Four-Wheel Drive

Before a customer drives off our Hiday Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM lot with a new or previously owned vehicle featuring four-wheel drive, we like them to be aware of how to effectively use 4H (Four-High) or 4L (Four-Low) four-wheel drive.

4H mode is perfect for traveling at normal speeds on highways that are snowy, wet or icy. 4H four-wheel drive provides the extra traction necessary to navigate level pavements, loose-gravel roads, or areas comprised of packed sand or mud.

The low-range, 4L, four-wheel drive setting requires speeds of 40 mph or less when your vehicle needs to tackle deep sand, snow or mud, when ascending or descending hilly terrain, or climbing rocks or crossing deep water. The wheels will turn more slowly in this type of four-wheel drive, applying more torque, enabling this type of four-wheel drive to deliver maximum power and maximum traction. Never use four-wheel drive on roads that are flat, dry or smooth.

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