An Overview of a Blind Spot Monitor

Here at Hiday Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we always keep our Bluffton, IN consumers informed about the features that come with their vehicles. If you have a newer model, then you may have a blind spot monitor. Understanding how your safety features work can help enhance protection, so let's find out more about a blind spot monitor.

A blind spot monitor's primary purpose is to alert a driver when a vehicle moves into their blind spot. Most blind spot monitors use sensors to detect vehicles and issue visual and audible warnings when a vehicle is detected. Many blind spot monitors issue visual alerts on the side view mirrors.

Blind spot monitors are popular because they can reduce your chance of a lane-change collision. The IIHS reported that about 23 percent of lane-change injuries are reduced because of blind spot monitors. Moreover, lane-change collisions are reduced by 14 percent thanks to blind spot monitors.

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